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Connect Culture | December 17, 2017

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Coventry Fargo Village - Connect Culture

Coventry Fargo Village
  • On December 13, 2014

 Fargo Creative Village in Coventry is billed as the destination for independent shopping and creative arts in Coventry, the ‘creative village for people looking for something a little bit different’, ‘bringing a whole new dimension to the city of Coventry, with niche and unique retailers, artists’ studios, creative workspace, crafts, cafes, markets and entertainment space’ ‘in a community of  like minded people.’

So is it accessible? I went to have a look.

FarGo is on Fargo Street – there are directions on the website. I took the no 9 bus but there is also the no 8 and 10 bus. The entrance is roughly opposite the Pig In the Middle. The adjacent pavements are not very even and there is a speed bump into the Village which might be problematic for those who have mobility issues.

The Spectacular Goat waves a hello

@SpectacularGoat waves a hello

Most of the entrances are level access except the ones housed in containers for example.


container shop with steps

some of the shops are small and do not have much room to manoevre but the people are friendly. The Urban Coffee Company is a really nice place to have coffee but ask to go in at a side door because there is a drop of 8 inches at least at the front entrance, I had to wave a bit to get attention.

Roomy space in the Urban Coffee Coffee (with accessible loo)

Roomy space in the Urban Coffee Coffee (with accessible loo) level access at the side

The main market place is level, good access. There is no heavy door to manage but plastic strips to part to get in. Interesting vintage clothes, a lovely book shop ( but it looks a bit difficult to move around in a wheelchair, clothes ( tee shirt printing included) and small stalls.



While I was there, there was a story telling session in one of the spaces and there were activities for children. It seems a bit quiet for a Saturday afternoon but its a good place with interesting gift shops. I hope it will grow when Coventry people get to know it better.


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